A Diary

2009-2011 installation of texts and photos
in a collection of Tartu Art Museum (the Estonian version)

In 2009 my life changed and it became clear, that I can no longer continue to live within a
heterosexual normative model. During that time I began to write a diary and take daily snapshots of my body from
the angles I can view it without a mirror. This process was important to me to make sense what
was happening and it helped to find my way. Those texts and images were not intended to be
made public. However, when the curators Rebeka Põldsam, Airi Triisberg and Anders Härms
asked me to propose something for their exhibition ‘Untold Stories’, which was the first major
queer art exhibition in Estonia, I told them about the Diary.
The exhibited work is a selection of extracts of a personal story of coming out and it may-be
very similar to other people’s stories. Estonia is still largely homophobic country and it seems
that it is going worse before it get’s better.