Second-Hand Lovestories

1996, Mixed media installation: text, photography, paintings, textile and audio

Love is essential for every person. There are diffrent kinds of love. Second-hand lovestories explored heterosexual love.The stories are fragments of somebody’s life – fragments, which have been carried to me with second-hand nightdresses and underwear. Around 1990 I saw for the first time a huge pile of charity clothes from West, sent to art students in the East. There was little useful left, after teachers had taken the cream and left the rest to the students. I remember myself standing in a hall holding somebody’s old, dirty pants in my hands and thinking “Why on an earth they sent their used lives to us.” I felt insulted and vulnerable at the possibility of touching stranger’s sperm or blood. At the same time I was wondering: “Who has worn those pants?” “How does or did she live?” “Is or was she happy?”

LOVESTORY No. 2, bought on 20th December 1995; Christian Charity from Sweden; Põltsamaa.
 I knew him relatively short time. I can't say whether I was really in love or not. We lived too far from each other and led very different lives. We met sometimes, had sex and just enjoyed life. I think, neither of us really wanted to stay together, but still, the idiotic separation happened to me alone. There was some kind of party at his place, or better to say just an excuse to drink. I remember girls behaving strangely - like hiding secrets from me. We drank a lot. Later I remember myself sitting in a toilet, some girl kneeling in front of me, holding my naked knees with her shaking hands and crying, begging: "Leave him, please! I love him, I need to marry him. Leave him, please!.... I am pregnant....."