Positive – Negative

‘Positive-Negative’ (photo series and 22 screen video installation, 2015-2017) is a series of over 40 portraits of Act Up London, STOPAIDS, Positively UK, Restless Development and other HIV/HCV activists.

Transmission levels of HIV are all time high, however there is almost no public awareness, the so called ‘second silence’ hides it from public view and the stigma around HIV and HEP viruses is still widespread. Why is there no talk about it? This crisis bought up the re-activation of Act Up London and as a current member I have been documenting people connected to the movement now. The symbols ‘+’ and ‘-‘ are drawn to the hands of the activists as a simple gesture to show, that ones positive or negative status is not written in our faces. We are all together in this fight to end the HIV pandemic and combat stigma.

The work was initially made for AIDSravaganza, organised by Act Up London to mark World AIDS Day 2015. In 2017 it was extended and redeveloped into 22 screen video installation for Threshold Art Space at Hosrecross, Perth in Scotland.