A Toy

1995, 9′, 2 screen video installation, two screens facing each-other.
in the collection of KUMU Art Museum, Estonia

A Toy was commissioned by the Soros Center for Contemporary Arts, Estonia for exhibition Biotopia. Tralla responded to the theme by taking on men’s age old desire to create ‘an ideal woman’ for their pleasure. In 1995 Estonia was in love with emerging ICT sector. Tralla encountered discussions with her male professors at the academy about the future possibilities of ICT and how it will facilitate the creation of ideal virtual women, which can fulfill all male desires. Simultaneously, women in Estonian society were discovering beauty industry bought to them by the new capitalist consumer society and chose to sculpt themselves to the image of ‘ideal woman’ created by media.
Tralla’s video A Toy is a critical reflection of the pressures and space Eastern-European young women found themselves in the beginning of 1990s. She ironically let’s the Man to choose and create the ideal woman initially, yet the woman attempts to rebel and spoil his fun. Tralla produced the video in her studio and bedroom, edited on a simple VHS recorder, using remote control and a microphone.